Purpose, mission and vision

In 2020 IMDEA Water defined its Purpose in order to further stimulate the engagement of its staff and other key stakeholders.

The purpose and vision set a clear direction for IMDEA Water in the sector:

  • Generate knowledge
  • To be a benchmark for scientific and technical production
  • To contribute to the water sustainability of the planet.

Commitment to society is the core value manifested through other values such as transparency, efficiency and sustainability in everything we do.

The main challenges we set ourselves and which form part of our Vision are:

  • To be recognised as a benchmark institution in the water sector.
  • To support innovation in the water sector.
  • To have an efficient management system

At the same time that we have defined our Purpose, the process of representing the IMDEA Water Ecosystem, aligned with the EFQM2020 Model, is enabled.

The Strategic Monitoring process is the “lighthouse” of the Ecosystem, both internally and externally.