Dra. Ana Karina Boltes Espínola


Professor at University of Alcalá. Madrid. Spain


Chemical Engineer. University of Alcalá. Madrid. Spain

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Chemical Enginnering. PhD in Chemistry by the University of Alcala in 2000. Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering Department. Her research is focused on the optimization of biological process for degradation of xenobiotics using reactors of different configurations. Toxicological evaluation of mixed pollutants in wastewater and bioestimulacion of microorganisms for in-situ biodegradation are other research areas. She has participated in 20 research projects sponsored by the Spanish government and private enterprises. She has also been the director of three PhD thesis, and many post-graduate research projects in the Master Degree on Hydrology and Water Management and Master Degree in Industrial Engineering, both in University of Alcala. Her main scientific interest is the application of bioelectrochemical process for micropollutants removal and detoxification of wastewater.