Javier Lillo Ramos

Dr. Francisco Javier Lillo Ramos


Professor at the University Rey Juan Carlos. Madrid. Spain


Earth Sciences. University of Leeds. Great Britain

Joining Date:






He graduated in Geology in 1985 from the University Complutense of Madrid and got the Diploma in Geological Engineering from the same University in 1985. He obtained a Ph.D in Earth Sciences from the University of Leeds (Britain). Afterwards, he spent ten years working in the industry, mainly as field geologist for exploration and nuclear waste repositories projects and for the Geological Map of Spain. In 1999, he joined the academic staff of the University Rey Juan Carlos, where is teaching geology and hydrology and is the Head of the Group of Geology since then. He obtained the academic tenure in 2003. Dr. Lillo is the co-director of the Master of Hydrology and Water Resources Management (University of Alcalá-URJC) since 2005. He has published over 60 research papers, including 47 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 6 books and metodologic guides. He has been participant in 22 research projects (Spain, Chile and European Union), in 8 of them being the principal investigator. Dr. Lillo has also collaborated in several projects with industry. His research is currently focused on studies about regeneration and water quality; hydrochemical characterisation of groundwater and surface water: environmental impacts assessment of mining in air, soils and water and studies of abiotic environment in ante glacier ecosystem.