Juan Antonio Pascual

Dr. Juan Antonio Pascual Aguilar


Researcher at the Desertification Research Center (CIDE). Valencia. Spain


Geography. University of Valencia. Spain

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He graduated in Geography in 1991 from the University of Valencia. He obtained his PhD in Geography at the Universitat Valencia. He has participated in 9 Spanish and European competitive projects and more than 30 non competitive projects thorough academic and private contracts.
He has published 39 papers between book chapters and journals, apart from other literature presented in scientific meetings. He participated in as lecturer in 2 MsC programs and given several invited talks in national and international meetings.
His research focus on the spatial analysis and temporal study of environmental land use and water processes using the application of models and Geographical Information Systems. He has developed his expertise also in landscape evaluation, particularly, on those topics related with the preservation of traditional agricultural patterns and water use.