Dr. Lucila Candela Lledó


Expert researcher in hydrogeology


Geological Sciences. University of Granada. Spain

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Dr. Lucila Candela Lledó, Ph.D. in Groundwater hydrology. She worked as Professor at the Technical University of Catalonia. Specialist in water resources, groundwater and vadose zone. She has participated in more than 50 research projects at national and international level funded by different institutions (MICIN, EU, UNESCO, OIEA, WB, Kuwait).

She is co-author of more than 230 publications including books and book chapters and 85 journal papers most in relevant journals. She has being Manager of two ERANET’s Programmes and R&TD Manager of Water Resources Programme Ministry of Science and Innovation- Spain and evaluator of research projects for Holland, Israel, Jordania, Qatar and Flanders Seconded Expert at International Hydrological Programme IHP- UNESCO-Paris. She has participated as expert in International Pannels for the EU-External Advisory Group; GEF-UNEP; Edinburgh Research Partnership’s, University of Edinburgh; Ministere de l’Ecologie, France; GRAPHIC/UNESCO and Transboundary Aquifers Programme (UNESCO). At present, Dr. Candela collaborates with IMDEA Agua as expert researcher in hydrogeology.