Dr. Mohamed Khayet


Professor at the Complutense University. Madrid. Spain


Physics. Complutense University of Madrid. Spain

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Prof. Mohamed Khayet is director of the University Complutense of Madrid (UCM) Research Group “Membranes and Renewable Energies (MER)”, Full Professor (Applied Physics Area) at the Faculty of Physical Sciences (UCM) (Department of Structure of Matter, Thermal Physics and Electronics). He got his Ph.D. (1997) in Physics from the UCM. Since then, he realized various research stays in various international institutions (Industrial Membrane Research Institute in Ottawa, Canada; Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology in Warsaw, Poland; Centre for Clean Water Technologies at the University of Nottingham in UK; Singapore Membrane Technology Centre, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Yale University in New Haven, USA; University of California Berkeley in USA, etc.). Among other grants, he got the Fulbright Grant (2019, Yale University, USA).

He is an expert in the field of membrane science, nanotechnology, renewable energies and water treatment. He has coordinated various national and international projects funded by different institutions (European Union, Middle East Desalination Research Centre, Spanish Ministries; Companies such as Abengoa, etc.) and participated in other projects in collaboration with different national and international institutions (over 40). He published over 200 papers in international journals, filed various Patents and published 5 books in the field of membrane science and technology. He also published various chapters in books. Among other recognitions, he received the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water (PSIPW) in 2012. He edited various special issues in international journals such as Desalination, J. Membrane Science and Research, Polymers and Membranes. He was Editor of the international Journal “Desalination” from January 2018 until December 2022. Previously he served as associated editor of “Desalination” during the year 2017, “Water and Desalination Research Journal” and “Journal of Applied Water Science”. Currently, he is Associate Editor of Frontiers in Membrane Science and Technology (Membrane Formation and Structure), Section Editor-in-Chief of Separations (Materials in Separation Science) and member of the Editorial Board of various other journals such as “Journal of Applied Membrane Science & Technology”, “Membrane Water Treatment”, “Membranes”, “Polymers”, “Applied Sciences”, “Journal of Materials Science and Nanotechnology”, “Journal of Membrane Science and Research”, “Nano Research & Applications”, “Nanotechnology in Science and Engineering”. “Journal of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials”, “Applied Water Science”, etc. He presented more than 100 oral communications and 70 posters in national and international congresses/workshops and invited presentations in international universities and research centres. He supervised various PhD. Thesis some of them received the UCM extraordinary doctorate award. He also supervised numerous research studies of visiting professors, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral researchers as well as academic studies (final master´s thesis).

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