Mario Jiménez Conde


Predoctoral researcher METFILTER



Joining Date:





Graduated in Environmental Sciences at the University of Salamanca. In the end of grade work he developed a study for recovery of a natural wetland located in Carpio (Valladolid). In 2018 he obtained a master’s degree in hydrology and water resources management, taught jointly by the University of Alcalá and the Rey Juan Carlos University. In the final master’s project, he continued with the study of wetland recovery, developing a water purification system based on electrogenic microorganisms which is currenty accomplishing. He received an award at the aahrus congress in 2019 for that same project.

He joined METfilter in 2019. He was awarded an industrial scholarship for her doctorate by the Community of Madrid, within the framework of the Regional Plan for Scientific Research and Technological Innovation 2016-2020. This scholarship will be managed together between METfilter and IMDEA Agua.

He currently works in the Bioelectrogenesis group of Dr. Abraham Esteve Núñez, in the line of waste water treatment by microbial electrogenesis. Specifically, he work`s at bioreactors with electrogenic properties capable of carrying out the desnitrification process through vegetable materials in a circular economy context.