Belgian kids discover the METland in “Science is wonder-ful!”

Published On: September 27, 2017

Researchers from IMDEA Water participate in Researchers’ Night in Brussels

Wastewater from toilets can be cleaned by means of bacteria. So has been learned by Belgian children and their teachers attending the Science is wonder-ful! event in Brussels. The workshop presented by researchers Sara Tejedor and Pau Rodenas is one of the thirty that the pupils of different Belgian schools have been able to enjoy on 26 and 27 September in the Parlamentarium of Brussels.

The proposed hands-on experiment is aimed to learn how to use electrically conductive carbon materials and electroactive bacteria in constructed wetlands for cleaning up wastewater, the so-called METland on which the H2020 iMETland is based.

Science is wonder-ful! is a public and open event for all to get a taste of science. Organised by the European Commission, the event aims to stimulate interest in and curiosity for science and research through a set of ‘edutainment’ activities, challenge the communication skills of the researchers present at the event, and bring together the researcher community with the public at large.

European Researchers' Night in the Parlamentarium is conceived as a launch event to kick off the 2017 European Researchers' Night across Europe.


Science is wonder-ful!​​

Science is Wonder-ful!​

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