Title: Design, construction and validation of METlands technologies applied to nutrient removal in wastewater

Duration: 2019 - 2023

Research groups: Bioe



This project aims to explore the electron donor capacity of vegetal waste for promoting nitrate reduction (denitrification) in bioelectrochemically-assisted constructed wetland (so-called METland®).

General activities

Our modus operandi includes the exhaustive analysis of potential materials through a circular economy strategy. We are treating real wastewater from IMDEA water headquarters using a denitrifying prototype of METland® in combination with ultrafiltration. We are also exploring the microbial communities responsible of coupling electrons from waste and nitrate reduction.

Expected results

We expect to setup the operation conditions for generating a nitrogen-free high quality effluent from an office building that may serve as inspiration for future implementations.


Industrial doctorate in collaboration with METFILTER, S.L. IND2018/AMB-9197 funded by: