Title: Development of Microbial Electrogenic Technologies for the Elimination of Emerging Compounds in Wastewater

Duration: 2014 - 2016

Research groups: Bioe


EM4EM aims to evaluate the role of microbial electrogenesis in the biodegradation of emerging pollutants. The modus operandi includes the high-tech analysis of emerging pollutants after our electrogenic treatment, the perfomance of ecotoxicological assays, the selection and characterization (Genomes sequencing analysis) of populations able to degrade emerging pollutants.

The strategy is not just limited to carry out assay at lab scale. The research team has developed a fullscale artificial electrogenic wetland which is dairy fed with urban wastewater and placed at CENTA facilities (Carrión de los Céspedes, Seville). This innovative device is a unique tool to assay the effect on conductive material on emerging pollutants biodegradation under real conditions. The use of electrodes in the system allows us to design and extra treatment to electrodisinfection of the outlet water.


Grant CTM2013-48880-C2-1-R funded by: