Title: Microbial electrochemical reactors based on fluid-like electrodes: a new biotech platform for performing environmental applications

Duration: 2019 - 2022

Research groups: Bioe



Our project aims to design, construct and operate a microbial electrochemical fluidized bed reactor ME-FBR platform to explore different biotechnological applications with an environmental focus. We have designed a work plan to accelerate the screening of the technology with a sole purpose: to identify potential environmental cases that can lead to successful projects beyond MET-FLUID.

General activities

We are exploring both anodic and cathodic electrochemical performance by using fluidlike electrodes. In this context we are investigating the use of new materials, and microorganism with novel capacities for removing pollutants or synthesize high valuable products.

Expected results

We expect to develop a bioelectrochemical platform for finding new environmental application in the field of bioremediation of bioelectrosynthesis at proof-of-concept level. At the end of the Project the TRL c) should be high enough to suggest a further development.


Grant RTI2018-101974-B-C21 funded by: