Title: Microbial electrochemical technologies for wastewater polluted by hydrocarbons

Duration: 2020 - 2024

Research groups: Bioe


The work focuses on the use of electroactive bio-filters for the treatment of polluted water of industrial origin. This novel technology overcomes the limitations of its conventional predecessors and boosts the microbial richness and interactions on the electroactive biofilms. From the treatment of pollutants in the nexus between urban and industrial pollution such as surfactants, through the treatment of hydrocarbon wastewater as a core industry example, to groundwater polluted with chlorinated hydrocarbons liberated in industrial activities; this project covers various typologies of water pollution providing a feasible bioremediation solution, with high degradation performance, versatility of configuration, and one step away from real scale application.


Industrial doctorate with METFILTER, S.L.
Aid DIN2018-009782 financed by: