Title: Microbial Desalination for Low Energy Drinking Water

Duration: 2016 - 2020

Research groups: Bioe



The MIDES H2020 Project is focused on the development of new desalination technologies with low energy consumption. MIDES is the acronym for MIcrobial DESalination, and we use bioelectrochemical systems for desalination of seawater with energy consumption below 0.5 kWh m-3, using the energy contained in organic matter.

General activities

MIDES project is made up of 10 partners from 7 different countries, a broad consortium that covers all the aspects of the project may involve, from the development of materials to the modelling and control of processes, with a remarkable scientific and technical development of the systems.

Expected results

The project envisaged the validation of MDC technology at pilot plant scale for brakish and sea water desalination, in order to determine the most favourable markets for the application of technology, from water treatments for industry, tertiary systems, decentralized desalination, to other potential uses.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 685793