Information and tools on entrepreneurship

  • Questions and answers for every beginner startup entrepreneur. If you are a researcher who wants to get started in entrepreneurship, in EURAXESS Start up Hub you will learn the key concepts of entrepreneurship.
  • Manual for Scientific Entrepreneurship. Access resources to learn the basics about entrepreneurship and get acquainted with the 5 major steps for research results valorisation, get practical tips on what you should and shouldn’t do when approaching the entrepreneurial sector and read about recommendations.
  • Complement the information visiting the EURAXESS Startup Hub Toolkit online database to gain access to hundreds of quality, hand-picked resources for startup entrepreneurs. Search and browse through the categories of online tools, organisations, associations and initiatives, learning and productivity resources, online databases, research publications, blogs and podcasts.
  • Digital tools for scientific entrepreneurs. EURAXESS Startup Hub digital toolkit includes Toolbox for sci entrepreneurs, a compilation of hand picked online tools for improving productivity, easy communication, discovering trends, finding the right partners and funding opportunities, even build the Minimum Viable Products (MVPs).

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