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Excellence in Human Resources Management in Research

The IMDEA Water Institute is committed to the principles contained in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (Charter and Code, C&C), two documents containing 40 principles with recommendations on the responsibilities and obligations of researchers , employers and funders in relation to four themes: ethical and professional aspects, recruitment (open, transparent and based on merit), working conditions and social security and training.

The European Commission grants recognition for “Excellence in Research in Human Resources” to those institutions committed to the Charter and the Code and who make an effort to align their Human Resources Policies with the 40 principles by adapting their Human Resources Strategy .

The ‚ÄúHuman Resources Strategy‚ÄĚ is a mechanism that helps research entities in the implementation of the Charter and the Code, in order to offer a stimulating and favorable working environment for researchers. The IMDEA Water Institute adhered to the principles established in the Charter and the Code and is committed to making the necessary efforts to guarantee an improvement in its human resources policies. In addition, and being aware of the importance of the integration of new employees, IMDEA Water provides information and assistance on relevant topics for researchers when they plan to move to Alcal√° de Henares (Madrid).

In July 2010, the European Commission granted IMDEA Water official recognition for excellence in Human Resources management in research, becoming the first Spanish institution (and the eleventh in Europe) to obtain this important official distinction, thus obtaining the right to use the ‚ÄúHuman Resources Excellence in Research‚ÄĚ logo. In this way, IMDEA Water became part of the group of entities accredited with this distinction, which in July 2021 already has more than 700 institutions.

Progress made since obtaining the seal of excellence in 2010

IMDEA Water continues in a continuous process of improving its human resources strategy, currently adapted to the new strengthened system, whose stages can be seen in the attached figure.

HRS4R Procedure

For this, self-assessments are carried out and an action plan is defined for different periods. This is how those corresponding to the years were made:


The monitoring of the process is carried out by a working group that is made up of:


Rafael Irastorza

General Manager


Belén Barroeta

Science Communicator


Dra. Raffaella Meffe

Researcher and deputy director


Carolina Guillén Fuentes

Laboratory technician


Sara Mozo Pacheco

Predoctoral researcher

Open, transparent and merit-based recruitment of investigators (OTM-R)

Within the framework of the Charter and the Code, the European Commission designed a help tool to carry out the selection and contracting processes. This tool is known as OTM-R for its acronym in English (Open, Transparent and Merit based Recruitment) and seeks open, transparent practices based on the curricular merits of the candidates. The IMDEA Water OTM-R Policy is aligned with these practices. The employment section of IMDEA Water can be accessed by clicking on the following image:

OTM-R Policy

Employment platform

Equality plan 2022 – 2025

The IMDEA Water equality plan reflects the Institute’s commitment to equality and optimal working conditions. The general objective of the equality plan is to achieve equal treatment and opportunities, eliminating any possible discrimination based on sex in the field of IMDEA Water.

Equality plan

To find out more, visit our career development platform where you will find useful information on how you can explore your career options or learn about the competency framework and transversal training options:

Career development platform

On March 3, 2015, the European Commission organized a conference to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Charter and Code. At this event, IMDEA Water ‚Äďwhich was among the first 200 institutions that adhered to the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct (C&C)‚Äď received recognition for ‘Excellence in Human Resources in Research for its efforts to create conditions attractive job opportunities for researchers in Europe.

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