Conference of IMDEA Water researchers and Czech experts in water management

Published On: May 29, 2018

Researchers, companies and authorities visited the institute

A Czech delegation visited IMDEA Water received last Friday, May 25, within the conference on water organised by the embassy of the Czech Republic. The objective of these sessions, co-organized with the Czech Center, was to explore the technological offer and innovation of both countries to establish new collaborations.

During the meeting with IMDEA Water researchers, Stanislav Škoda, director of the Czech Center, pointed out the opportunities and new trends offered in this key sector for the economy and the quality of life. The director of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Dr. Václav Šípek; the directo of the company NANO IRON, Jan Slunský; the researcher of the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technology and Innovation of the Technical University of Liberec, Dr. Lukáš Dvořák; and the representative of the Nanoprogress Cluster, Luboš Komárek.

The conference also included groups of ecotoxicology, reuse, microbial electrochemical technologies and membrane technology, which showed the main projects and advances of their research lines.

After the scientific session, the Czech delegation visited the laboratories of the institute and had a networking session with IMDEA Water members.

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