Natural Water Retention Measures (NWRM) – Mediterranean regional workshop

Published On: January 27, 2014

IMDEA Agua will be organizing the first Mediterranean regional workshop, which will take place in January 28th and 29th, 2014, in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)

As part of the European initiative on Natural Water Retention Measures (NWRM), experts and practitioners from the Mediterranean (Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia and even Portugal, despite its Atlantic character) have been invited to participate in a regional process that intends to take account of Mediterranean specific issues around NWRM, providing examples of NWRM applications in Mediterranean basins (which will be integrated in a web-based catalogue of measures), as well creating a Mediterranean network on NWRM: a community of practice of experts, stakeholders and practitioners.

The NWRM initiative was launched in October 2013 by DG Environment, European Commission, and aim at improving knowledge on NWRM, whose main objective is to restore and enhance the functioning of natural processes and ecosystems by increasing soil and landscape water retention and groundwater recharge. Moreover, the NWRM initiative aims at developing European (web-based) knowledge on NWRM, including technical, environmental, socio-economic, governance and implementation aspects of NWRM. For more information visit the NWRM website:

Besides the Mediterranean network, other 3 networks have been established: the Danube river basin, the Baltic Sea and Western Europe. All four networks were defined for the similarities they have in bioclimatic, hydromorphological and water management conditions, but they do not have strict geographic boundaries and do actually overlap. The purpose of the networks will be to facilitate sharing of practical experiences, to enable identifying and discussing specific issues and solutions related to regional contexts, and to help to build or consolidate partnership.

Practitioners, managers, representatives from the economic sector, experts, researchers and other professionals are welcome to get involved in the Mediterranean regional networks by joining the discussion forum on LinkedIn to exchange information and share views with other members, present the results of their own experiences, etc.

IMDEA Agua will be organizing the first Mediterranean regional workshop, which will take place in January 28th and 29th, 2014, in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid). In parallel, other three workshops are being organized within the Western (in Brussels), the Danube (in Budapest) and the Baltic (in Riga) networks.

The objectives of the workshop are: (i) to provide an overview of project activities, as well as case studies undertaken so far, in the Mediterranean region; (ii) to share experiences of practical implementation of NWRM in the region; and (iii) to discuss common challenges with NWRM implementation and possible solutions.

The main topics to be covered at the conference will be linked to four thematic areas in which NWRM have been classified: agriculture, natural areas, forestry and urban (SUDS). Besides, the analysis of biophysical impacts, socio-economic aspects and the governance and institutional dimension of NWRM will be analysed. Several applications of NWRM will be presented during the workshop.

This is a closed event, and attendance is only upon invitation. However if you would like to participate in the Mediterranean Network, please join the discussion groups at LinkedIn or visit the website.

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