Discussion of best practices in Science Communication at the EU

Published On: October 30, 2018

Expert workshop in Brussels

Communication on socially relevant research is carried out at various levels within Europe and is made up of different stakeholders with diverse interests. IMDEA Agua participated in the one-day workshop Communicating Science in a Complex World in Brussels. The event was co-organised by public engagement platforms in Germany and Sweden, Wissenschaft im Dialog and Vetenskap & Allmänhet, and the European Science Events Association (Eusea) with the collaboration of ALLEA (All European Academies).

According to organisers, "the contestation of scientific facts, the degradation of science journalism and of scientific reasoning on social media platforms has the potential to severely undermine the relationship between science and society". Researchers, science communicators, industry stakeholders and policy-makers discussed key challenges to improve science communications at the European level.

The participants analysed the status quo of science communications initiatives across Europe, and discussed future strategies and opportunities for creating new platforms for cooperation in this field. Specifically, they focused on innovative formats as well as enhanced networks and platforms on the EU level.

During the discussion series, researchers, science communicators, journalists and policy-makers assessed current examples of achievements and failures of science communications and its particular challenges in complex scientific fields.

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