Integrated Assessment of the 2nd River Basin Management Plans


Title: Integrated Assessment of the 2nd River Basin Management Plans

Duration: 2017 - 2019



An assignment within the referred FC for the review process of the WFD to assess how the knowledge from the WFD planning process was used to address significant pressures impairing the status of water bodies (WBs).

General activities

It analyzed the knowledge used in the 2nd RBMPs and PoMs, particularly: implementation and effectiveness of measures (1st RBMPs); water status changes; updated RB characterization and policy integration.

Expected results

  1. a) Details on how DPSIR conceptual model was linked to the WFD planning steps; drivers and 4 pressures (nutrients, chemicals, hydro-morphological and water abstraction) affecting WBs status; coherence, consistency and effectiveness on the implementation of planning phases.
  2. b) Recommendations for strengthening coordination and coherence of the WFD planning steps and on the WFD potential adaptation in the context of its review.


Reference: Contract No 070201/2017/758420/SER/ENV.C.1 (Under the Framework Contract ENV.C.1/FRA/2016/0014)
Funded by: European Commission – DG Environment