Title: River Restoration Benefits Action Group (EIP Water Action Group)




To provide a Roadmap to address policy challenges as opportunities for innovation through river restoration, as examples of nature-based solutions so to increase the effectiveness of EU directives and policy implementation.

General activities

To develop DSS tools to identify and assess the cost and benefits of river restoration projects and the implementation and monitoring of restoration measures; act as think tank (regarding public participation, communication in river restoration to identify barriers, tools, incentives and strategies to involve stakeholders); to test and demonstrate the DSS Tools (application in specific river restoration demonstration sites -RiverRes Living Labs); knowledge sharing and capacity building.

Expected results

To target projects reducing hydro-morphological pressures and facilitate their “re-naturalization” improving their ecological status and enhancing potential ecosystem services delivery.


Reference: EIP Water- AG225
Supported by: European Commission – EIP (European Innovation Partnership). Water Secretariat