Title: Scientific network on the risks of extreme events and pollution on the Iberian fluvial systems: Application to management

Duration: 2023 - 2025


AQUAIBER-NET consolidates and enlarges the multi-disciplinary network already established under the frame of several previous scientific competitive projects and aims to further provide insights into the current challenges of Iberian Rivers, including the sea-land interface ecosystems (estuaries), related to hydrological extremes (water scarcity and floods) and pollution under global change, both from scientific and management perspectives.

The network focuses between many other topics on:

  • Consolidating and expanding an active network between the partners that can stand at the forefront of the relevant scientific and technological research
  • Facilitating and expediting interaction and exchange of ideas between different disciplines, including chemistry, climate, microbiology, ecotoxicology, ecology, hydrology, geomorphology, economy and water resources management.
  • Elaborating, on an emerging paradigm, on the effects of water extremes on Iberian rivers
  • Delivering best-practice advice to water managers and solid scientific knowledge to decision makers
  • Facilitate the transfer of knowledge to the stakeholders, end-users and the wider public
  • Serving as a forum for early-stage and young researchers to network, present results and obtain state-of-the-art knowledge
  • Keeping the scientific community at the cutting edge of this river science interdisciplinary field of scientific and technological research
  • Contribute to promote at the EU agenda the specific issues of global change in the basins of the Iberian region, and contribute with this knowledge to the WFD update and implementation in the Mediterranean region.
  • Contribute to the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals, mainly in goals number #6 (clean water and sanitation) and #15 (life on land).


Grant RED2022-134781-T funded by: