Title: Development of a predictive model for the management of algae and cyanobacterial proliferation events associated with climate change based on remote sensing techniques and data acquisition systems

Duration: 2019 - 2021



CianoMOD project targets four objectives related to cyanobacteria and algae blooms:

a) To determine the mechanisms that allow blooms of cyanobacteria.
b) To stablish their relationship to climate change.
c) To obtain insight on their environmental consequences.
d) To create monitoring and prediction mechanisms.

General activities

CianoMOD will develop the following tasks:

a) Historical analysis of water properties.
b) Continuous water monitoring with sensors.
c) Correlation of measurements with satellite images.
d) Creation of mathematical models to predict cyanobacteria blooms.
e) Development of online platforms for remote data query.

Expected results

CianoMOD results will be presented as

a) a methodological protocol for the study of cyanobacteria blooms,
b) the development of a “predictive” model,
c) the construction of a consultation platform in Internet and
d) the development of a participatory strategy for raising awareness of society.


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