Title: Smart tools and technologies to assess the environmental fate and risks of ContamInants under ClImate Change

Duration: 2019 - 2022



The CICLIC project aims to develop smart environmental technologies and tools that can be used to monitor the occurrence, fate and impacts of contaminants in Mediterranean wetland ecosystems in a scenario of climate change.

General activities

The project is formed by three sub-projects (WETANPACK, TRAPPER, ECOREST), which will perform field assessments and monitoring in the Albufera Lake (Valencia) and the Llobregat delta (Barcelona). In-situ chemical and biological monitoring will be performed to parameterize models and risk scenarios.

Expected results

CICLIC proposes an innovative toolbox that will include aspects regarding massive data analysis, novel contaminant monitoring and analytical techniques, wastewater reuse and analysis, metabolomics, environmental and ecological modelling, ecotoxicological tools, and ecosystem vulnerability and resilience analysis.


Grant RTI2018-097158-A-C32 funded by: