Title: Scientific network for the risk assessment of water scarcity and pollution in Iberian ecosystems in a global change scenario: management recommendations

Duration: 2020 - 2021



IBERAQUA-NET aims to provide insights into the current challenges related with water scarcity and chemical pollution in Spanish rivers, both from a scientific and a management perspective.

General activities

  • Establishing a network between the involved partners.
  • Perform maintenance of the already ongoing channels for dissemination and outreach of the existing research projects.
  • Carry out meetings with Water Basin Authorities and other stakeholders involved in freshwater monitoring at the national level.

Expected results

  • Original ideas for new research projects and collaborations.
  • Transfer of knowledge to the stakeholders, end-users and the wider public.
  • Promoting at the EU agenda the specific issues of global change in the basins of the Iberian region, including the update of the Water Framework Directive.


Grant RED2018‐102737‐T funded by: