Title: Impacts of MicroPlastics in Agrosystems and Stream Environments

Duration: 2017 - 2020



The general aim of IMPASSE is to assess the environmental fate, effects and risks of microplastics in agricultural and freshwater environments, and to find solutions which will safeguard agricultural sustainability, economic goals, and human and animal health.

General activities

The project is formed by four European partners and one Canadian. Among other activities, the project plans to perform field experiments to monitor environmental concentrations of microplastics, and laboratory experiments to test the impacts of those on terrestrial and aquatic organisms.

Expected results

The project provides knowledge that underpins the development of safe environmental policies and management regarding the use of plastics in the EU, and will develop a new model for the transport, distribution and fate of microplastics in soil and stream systems.


Grant PCIN-2017-016 funded by: