Experts from the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation visits IMDEA Water

The researchers explained the different research lines carried out in the Institute

A delegation formed by representatives of the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation visited the facilities of the IMDEA Water Institute to discover the research that is being carried out on water issues

DelegaciĂłn egipcia


During the visit, researchers of IMDEA Water showed the equipment, laboratories and pilot plants, and explained the technologies they are developing and implementing.

The Group of Soil and Water Quality in the Environment showed the “Vegetation Filter”, a nature-based solution for the treatment and reuse of wastewater. The vegetation filters are formed by plots with arboreal vegetation irrigated with residual and/or treated water.

Together with the Bioe Group, the delegation visited the “bioelectrogenic wetland”, based on microbial electrochemical technologies that allow an efficient treatment of urban wastewater in small communities with a zero cost in energy while obtaining pathogen-free water suitable for irrigation.

The visited continued in the “mesocosm station” in which the Ecotoxicology Group evaluates the effects of pollutants on aquatic biodiversity, and the interaction of environmental stress factors in ecosystems.

The Membrane Technologies Group showed the use of this technology in desalination processes and wastewater treatment for its subsequent reuse in other applications.

Finally, in the water laboratory they were able to see the advanced technologies with which analyses and measurements are carried out in order to obtain the necessary data for our investigations.




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