What is the meaning of the IMDEA acronym?

IMDEA stands for for Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies. The acronym stems from the Spanish name: "Instituto Madrileño De Estudios Avanzados."

Do IMDEA Water members have teaching obligations?

IMDEA Water is a research institute and its members have no teaching obligations.

Can IMDEA Water members teach?

IMDEA Water has agreements and collaborates closely with several universities. These agreements include provisions for collaboration in graduate education which allow (and encourage) IMDEA Water members to teach graduate courses and participate in the design and improvement of graduate programs, seminars and masters.

Does IMDEA Water have graduate (e.g., Ph.D.) students?

IMDEA Water has an ample Ph.D. scholarship program. While IMDEA Water does not grant Ph.D. degrees itself, Ph.D. researchers are funded by and work at IMDEA Water, and obtain their Ph.D.s in one of the universities of the Madrid region (or in other international institutions) with which the Institute has signed agreements, and in collaboration with these institutions.

Do I need to know Spanish to work at IMDEA Water?

No, the working language of the Institute is English. Spanish is of course convenient for everyday life, but not necessary: Madrid is a cosmopolitan city that is used to catering for foreigners (and there are many places where you are much more likely to run into foreigners than into Spaniards!). Of course, if you are interested in learning Spanish, working in Madrid offers an excellent opportunity.