II Water Economic Forum

Published On: July 7, 2016

Gonzalo Delacámara is the academic director of the Forum

Francisco Giner Foundation in Madrid hosts the second event of the three that form part of the “Water Economic Forum”, initiative sponsored by the University of Alcalá, which aims to promote an independent space for reflection and for the dialogue on the urban water cycle from the perspective of its management, in order to deal different challenges of the sector and that are topical and priority, not only in Spain but worldwide.

In this second forum, focused on urban water cycle management, there will be held six technical presentations which will cover several issues such as the relationship between the water resources management and water security in cities, the participation of the public and private sector institutions and the role that can play a regulator.

The event aims to generate a reflection on the necessary conditions for proper water governance and regulation of water services to ensure the achievement of social goals from cooperation between civil society, the public and the private sector.

The last event of this Water Economy Forum will be held on November 11 and will focus on the legal framework that govern the provision of water services in Spain.

Gonzalo Delacámara, coordinator of the Department of Economics at IMDEA Water, is the academic director of the Water Economic Forum. Gonzalo also manages the blog "Ver lo invisible" whose main theme is water management.

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