IMDEA Water has participated in the first advisory board meeting of ENMRI-Alexandria/Egypt

Published On: April 12, 2016

Rehab El-Shehawy represented IMDEA Water in the meeting

Rehab El-Shehawy, researcher at IMDEA Water, represented our Institute in the first advisory board meeting of ENMRI-Alexandria/Egypt.

ENMRI (Environmental and Natural Materials Research Institute)

ENMRI (Environmental and Natural Materials Research Institute) is a new multidisciplinary Institute financed by the Egyptian government and intended to be the first of its class in the region. ENMRI will provide high quality applied technological solutions for current environmental problems facing the region in the fields of green material technology, water resources and pollution management and several socio-economic aspects. ENMRI building will adapt a green- building design to insure total harmony with its mission.

Parallel to the board meeting, the first Workshop organized by ENMRI and entitled Environment: Challenges & Solutions was held at the Library of Alexandria. Guest speakers from Spain, France, Greece, Australia, USA and South Africa presented talks on current global environmental issues and modern technological solutions. Talks included historical and current solid waste management, satellite mapping of dust clouds and its effect on the Global warming, technological solutions on combating marine oil spills, phytoremediation and precious metal recoveries, green cities, and urban water cycle. At the end of the meeting the guests agreed on joint collaboration to promote the Institute and the research activities of its board members via building consortia to generate funds from EU and international calls. 

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