IMDEA Water Institute participated in the “Geoloday 14″

Published On: May 12, 2014

The Geoloday excursion in the province of Salamanca was celebrated last May 10.

The Geolodays (coordinated by the Geological Society of Spain, the Spanish Association for the Teaching of Earth Science and Geological and Mining Institute of Spain) are held annually at national level, with the aim to bring the Geology to the society. A Geoloday (Geolodía, Spanish name) consist of a free and open guided tour for all kinds of publics, made ​​in interesting places with geological environment. These tours are organized in different regions all around Spain with the aim to show, with “Geological eyes", some aspects of how the Earth, on which we live, works, and from whose natural resources humans depend entirely. It is also a way to raise awareness of the importance and necessity of protecting our geological heritage.

IMDEA Water Institute has participated as organizer (together with the University of Salamanca, Biosphere Reserve of Béjar and Francia Mountains, Council of Salamanca, Salmantina Association of Mountain Agriculture and the Town of Monsagro). The Geoloday excursion in the province of Salamanca, was celebrated last May 10, and held in a 'Walk from the Águeda River to the ancient seas of the mountain", with the objective of showing the geological treasures hidden in the Mountains of Gata and France.

During this tour, the origin and disposition of materials, and the geological features of the course from the Agueda River and the town of Monsagro were showed, in order to understand the geological history, identifying it from the rock materials and forms we observe in the field.

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