IMDEA Water Institute participates in the “United Nations World Water Development Report 4”

Published On: March 14, 2012

Carlos Mario Gomez, researcher at the IMDEA Water Institute and at the University of Alcalá, has participated as a chapter author in the United Nations World Water Development Report 4 (WWDR).

This report, released every three years in conjunction with the World Water Forum, is the UN’s flagship report on water. It is a comprehensive review that gives an overall picture of the state of the world's freshwater resources and aims to provide decision-makers with tools to induce the sustainable use of our water.

Through a series of assessments, the Reports provide a mechanism for monitoring changes in the resource and its management and tracking progress towards achieving targets, particularly those of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the World Summit on Sustainable Development. The Reports also offer best practices as well as in-depth theoretical analyses to help stimulate ideas and actions for better stewardship in the water sector.

The WWDR is targeted to all those involved in the formulation and implementation of water-related policies and investment strategies, as well as to professionals at all levels.

Carlos Mario Gomez, researcher at the IMDEA Water Institute and at the University of Alcalá, is co-author of Chapter 23, entitled "Valuing water" (see Volume 2 of the report), focused on how critical water valuation is for water-related decisions of public and private agents. Failure to properly recognize the full value of water, including its benefits and costs, is one of the root causes of water resources mismanagement and the political neglect of water issues. A valuation of benefits stemming from water is essential in order to improve the decisions of governments, international organizations, the donor community and other stakeholders.

Valuation is a powerful instrument for raising public awareness the diverse contribution of water resources to social welfare. Indisputably, it brings the less-visible benefits of water into the public arena.

Water valuation is a tool that can be used to shape cooperative agreements to protect and share the benefits of water resources conservation.


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