IMDEA Water meets with a Chilean delegation

IMDEA Water meets with representatives of the National Institute for Agricultural Research and counsellors from O'Higgins Regional Government-Chile, with the aim to learn about the research activities these entities are being carried out, and with the aim to find opportunities for collaboration.

The meeting with IMDEA Water Institute was part of the activities that the Chilean delegation had planned together with the Madrimasd Knowledge Foundation, which wanted to share the experience the Region of Madrid has connecting science and technology.

During the meeting, issues related to water and agriculture were discussed. IMDEA Water presented their current projects as SMARTHYDRO (smart system to optimize the use of water in agriculture); the research activities of FILVER group (focused on wastewater treatment systems based on the reuse of treated water for irrigation and aquifers recharge), the line of Cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins or examples of European projects as LIFE+ TRANSFOMEM (transformation of  disposed reverse osmosis membranes) or H2020 iMEtland (bioelectrogenic wetlands for wastewater).


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