IMDEA Water participated at the Conference on Energy Hidroeficiency

Published On: September 26, 2012

Water and energy are two terms that should be treated together to achieve efficiency in the use of both concepts

To this end, the Directorate General of Industry, Energy and Mines (Spanish Ministry of Finance) and the Foundation of the Energy (Community of Madrid), organized on September 26 the Day on Energy Hidroeficiency in Promomadrid headquarters.

The speakers presented to the participants the relationship between water consumption and energy consumption by publicizing the modern domestic saving devices, technologies for reusing greywater systems, rainwater harvesting and thermal energy recovery networks sanitation, or the simple methods of leak detection in the sewage for correction and repair.

Specifically, IMDEA Water presented a conference, given by the Director Eloy Garcia, on "Water and Energy: Towards a coordinated management?"

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