IMDEA Water participates in the technology and knowledge transfer regional meeting

The Social Council Conference of the Madrid Regional Government, together with the Researh Results Transference Offices belonging to the 6 Public Universities of Madrid, and Madrid Confederation of employers and Industries (CEIM), organized an open meeting with the aim of analyse and think about technology and knowledge transfer from Universtities and Research Centres to the private companies.

This analysis was presented in six panels formed by experts on the research and industrial sectors. One of the panels were focused in “Energy and Environment”, and Professor Dr. Eloy García-Calvo, Director of Madrid Institute of Advanced Studies in Water Technologies IMDEA Water, had participated by presenting a paper on the topic.

In each panel last advances, tendencies, challenges and oportunities on research and innovation were shown as well as the weaknesses and problems related to.

The necessity to foster R&D in order to solve the new demands, and the interaction between the researchers and private companies was one of the main outputs in the meeting. These interactions will make easier the dialogue between the mentioned actors and will allow the developent of adequate tecnologies able to solve specific demands and to reach the felt challenges.

Among the discussed topics, the current dificulties to shift from basic research to innovation and the related problems that need multidisciplinary solutions carried out by specific teams, were addressed during the meeting.

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