IMDEA Water participates in the XI edition of ‘Madrid is Science’ Fair, building a sustainable future

It will be held between 2-5 March at IFEMA MADRID

IMDEA Water will join 'Madrid is Science' 2022 at IFEMA MADRID on 4 and 5 March. This hands-on event will showcase scientific-technological innovation in the Community of Madrid.

'Madrid is Science' Fair is a hands-on science dissemination event aimed at schools and the general public. It aims to promote science careers by eliminating gender barriers, increasing the interest and curiosity of young people in science, and showing how research plays a crucial role in economic development and society's wellbeing.

Research centres, universities, schools, companies, and museums from the Community of Madrid will join to offer more than 700 activities with 'a sustainable future' as the backbone, showing citizens how science, technology, and innovation can solve global challenges.

Visitors of all ages and interests are invited to ask questions, experiment, create, and discover how science works based on the Sustainable Development Goals and the celebration of the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development. This event also seeks to create networks between collaborating institutions.

The seven IMDEA Institutes will have a stand at the fair. These research centres in strategic areas for the Community of Madrid–water, food, energy, materials, nanoscience, networks, and software–will run activities related to their research.

The science of water'–IMDEA Water's booth will show visitors how water can be found everywhere: in the atmosphere, on the earth's surface and below it, and in living beings. Researchers from the institute will reveal various aspects of this unique resource for life.

IMDEA Energy, Food, Nanoscience and Networks will present their activities on 2 and 3 February, while IMDEA Materials, Software and Water will do so on 4 and 5 February.

IMDEA Water activities calendar:

Friday 4 March
•    Electroactive bacteria for water treatment
•    Removing water pollutants with membranes

Saturday 5 March
•    Can nature reduce the pollutants produced in our homes? 
•    Exploring the aquatic world 2.0

Additionally, at 12:30 on Saturday, the researcher Paula Redondo Hasselerharm will talk about the impacts of plastic on aquatic ecosystems. This talk will take place at the Ágora in Madri+d's stand.

Entrance to the fair is free, but registration is required here using the code: MC220000001CA

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