IMDEA Water will advise the Community of Madrid to fight against climate change

Published On: November 22, 2019

The Institute will be part of the new Scientific-Technical Committee on Sustainability and Climate Change

The Community of Madrid will have the advice of more than 30 experts that will make up the new Scientific-Technical Committee on Sustainability and Climate Change, which will offer expert and qualified opinion to develop plans for prevention and real mitigation of climate change in order to apply them to regional public policies. This was highlighted on November 20 by the Counsellor of Environment, Regional Planning and Sustainability of the regional Government, Paloma Martín, after the constitution of the expert committee.

"The first strategic line that we are going to address with experts will focus on reducing pollutant emissions in key sectors and achieving energy efficiency and sustainable mobility," said Martin, who has met with representatives of this committee that "arises of the conviction that it is necessary to incorporate expert knowledge to the plans, regulations and actions developed by the regional administration to achieve the environmental objectives set ”.

The experts that will be part of the committee are part of public, private and independent entities recognized in the field of research and science, nationally and internationally. Among these entities is the IMDEA Water Institute, represented by its director, Eloy García Calvo. In addition, experts from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), the Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research (CIEMAT), the Spanish Office of Climate Change, the Carlos III Health Institute, the Foundation for Climate Research, the Spanish Meteorological Agency (AEMET), the ideas laboratory Economycs for Energy, the IMDEA Energy Institute or Red Eléctrica Group, among others, as well as researchers from Madrid public universities such as the Polytechnic University of Madrid , University of Alcalá, Carlos III University, Autonomous University of Madrid and Rey Juan Carlos University.

“The existence of reports by independent and prestigious experts and entities is a fundamental tool to make an orderly transition and favor the adoption of proactive attitudes, as well as to identify the best proposals, so that the social impact is positive and beneficial for citizens, social agents and companies” said Martin.

The committee will have the capacity to carry out technical reports on climate scenarios and their impact, on indicators of adaptation to climate change or specific impact studies of climate change in the region, for example, on water resources, the responses and needs to a scenario of the increase in average temperatures, as well as adaptation to possible natural hazards, among others. It will also provide support and advice to determine the priority lines of action in the regional mitigation and adaptation plans and may carry out prior technical evaluations of the measures to be implemented in the region.

Knowledge generation and transfer

“The creation of the committee will strengthen, in terms of climate change, the policies of promotion of R&D of the Community of Madrid and will enhance the research action of Madrid universities and research centers, as well as public-private collaboration in generation and knowledge transfer” said Martín.

Por ello, los trabajos del comité se realizarán con una planificación en torno al cumplimiento de los compromisos internacionales y de los objetivos de energía y clima establecidos en el marco de la Unión Europea, y teniendo en cuenta las políticas regionales, como por ejemplo, la nueva Estrategia de Energía y Cambio Climático 2021-2030.

Therefore, the work of the committee will be carried out with a planning around the fulfillment of international commitments and the energy and climate objectives established in the framework of the European Union, and taking into account regional policies, such as, for example, Energy and Climate Change New Strategy 2021-2030.

Source: Comunidad de Madrid


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