The iMETland innovation, in the IV Pan American Wetlands Conference

Published On: May 18, 2018

Researchers from the consortium showed the latest advances

H2020 iMETland project researchers met this week in Lima, during the celebration of the IV Pan-American Conference on wetland systems for the management, treatment and improvement of water quality, held from May 15 to 18. This meeting brings together the best experts in the field with the aim of disseminating wetlands as systems for improving water quality.

Abraham Esteve Núñez, project coordinator and principal investigator of the Bioe Group, presented the advantages and innovations provided by the bioelectrogenic wetland during the talk Integrating Microbial Electrochemcial Technologies (MET) to constructed wetlands to treat urban wastewater from small communities: the METland concept.

The conference served as a meeting point for the consortium partners to exchange experiences about the four locations of the iMETland units. Professors Carlos Arias and Hans Brix from the University of Aarhus (Denmark); Armando Rivas, from the Mexican Institute of Water Technology-IMTA (Mexico), and Santiago Cabred, from INTEMA-CONICET (Argentina), also participated with various communications.

Since 2012, successive editions of this biennial conference have been held in different Latin American countries, with the support of the University of Aarhus (Denmark). The objective is to create networks and expand the dissemination of knowledge; strengthen knowledge about constructed and natural wetlands in Latin America and establish the exchange of experiences with other continents.


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