Implementation of new technologies in the field of agriculture: SMART-HYDRO project

Published On: August 1, 2016

Article published in the journal FuturENVIRO


SMART-HYDRO “intelligent system to optimise the use of water in agriculture” proposes a new research approach based on information technologies and sensors. Smart-Hydro is a real-time, decision making support system that enables the water needs of each crop to be determined and optimises water resource use and management.​


Historically, monitoring of crop status and needs has been based on traditional techniques associated with direct observation of crops, the land and experience. In the same way that the digital revolution has transformed our everyday lives and the way we interact with our environment, the arrival of new information and communication technologies (ICT) to sectors like agriculture represents a breakthrough in terms of productivity and a reduction in environmental impact. The introduction of ICT into the equation opens up a wide range of possibilities in agriculture and forms the basis for raising awareness of environmental issues and the importance of reasonable use of water.

Collaboration between research centres and technology companies in the SMART-HYDRO project is facilitating the development of an advanced support tool for decision making and water management in agriculture, based on the needs of the crop and associated environmental factors. This support tool is based on the new possibilities offered by ICT.

FuturENVIRO junio 2016

Read the full article in the journal FuturENVIRO nº 31 (June 2016).

SMART-HYDRO is an experimental project in which know-how and techniques from different areas are combined from a scientific and technological perspective. The Smart-Hydro consortium is made up of 6 partners: AIN, IMDEA Agua, Inkoa, Innovati, Neiker and Sensing&Control. SMART-HYDRO project – Intelligent system to optimize the use of water in agriculture (RTC-2014-2367-5) has been funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness in the 2014 Retos -Colaboración Program

SMART-HYDRO (RTC-2014-2367-5) has been funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness in the 2014 Retos -Colaboración Program


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