Interview with Vanessa Arévalo, internship at IMDEA Water.

Published On: July 28, 2016

Biology student at Universidad Peruana de Cayetano de Heredia.

Vanessa Arévalo, student of Biology at  Universidad Peruana de Cayetano de Heredia, made her internship at IMDEA Water, from May 9 to July 22.

Who are you? Where are you from? What is your training?

My name is Vanessa Arevalo , I come from Lima, Peru. I am a biologist with special emphasis on water quality , graduated from the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia.

What does your job/research consist of?

Initially, I came to work with the group of wastewater reuse but as I had experience in ecotoxicology , I was introduced to this group and I started working with them, but I occasionally supported the green filters project.

I am currently working with the ecotoxicology group in the project “Assessment of stress factors on aquatic communities”. My job is to count and identificate macroinvertebrates of the spring campaign ; I support sampling in the field for the summer campaign . Implementation of the microcosm pilot project: physico-chemical analysis and identification of zooplankton . And lately I have been doing data analysis of the last season .

Why did you choose IMDEA Water for an internship? In which period do you make your internship?

My goal was to practice in a foreign laboratory research to learn how is made the resarch outside Peru. I get to know IMDEA Water thanks to Olésay Spain, within its options had this institution and was so I logged in the official site of IMDEA Water and I liked the different projects in which they worked and decided to apply for a 3 months internship, from May until June 2016

To what extent does this internships helping you to advance in your research/training? Have you collaborated with other researchers from IMDEA Water Institute?

I am at the age in which I should take the most opportunities presented to me , and definitely support a research work outside my country gives me a unique experience. Having worked with a team of selected researchers, listen their advice and proposals fills me with knowledge that will help me to continue my research in Peru .


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