The legal framework of water services provision in the context of climate change under discussion

Published On: November 24, 2016

III Water Economy Forum

III Water Economy Forum, whose academic director is Gonzalo Delacámara, coordinator of the Department of Economics at IMDEA Water, is held on November 24 in Francisco Giner Foundation, Madrid.

This Forum is an initiative sponsored by the University of Alcalá, which aims to promote an independent space for reflection and for the dialogue on the urban water cycle from the perspective of its management, in order to deal different challenges of the sector and that are topical and priority, not only in Spain, but worldwide.

​After the analysis of water resources and of the urban water cycle management, discussed in the First and Second Forum of Water Economics respectively, this third Conference addresses the legal framework of our country in relation to the water services provision.

The event is atended by representatives from multilateral organizations, such as the OECD, and from the private sector, to discuss the strategies used in both the public and private sectors to meet the Sustainable Development Objective 6 (ODS 6) and Agenda 2030.

Furthermore, this 3rd edition tries to address the problem of climate change in relation to the water availability, to deal with this topic we count with the intervention of Gro Harlem Brundtland, UN Special Envoy for climate change and former Minister of Norway, who show the link between the urban cycle management and the climate change, as it threatens water security, whose challenges are also addressed today.

The workshop conclude with a Dialogue on Water Economics focused on the legal framework that govern the provision of water services in Spain.

GONZALO DELACÁMARA. Economist, coordinator of the Department of Water Economics of IMDEA Water Foundation and professor of economic analysis in numerous postgraduate institutions. Advisor to the European Commission in water policy. He also advises the European Parliament on climate change and the 2030 Water Resources Group (World Bank Group) in the countries of Latin America and Asia. International consultant on the economics of natural resources for the United Nations system. Co-author and co-editor of the recently published book "Use of economic policy instruments in water policy – insights from international experience" (Springer).

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