Mª Fernanda Jaramillo tells us about her internship at IMDEA Water

Mª Fernanda Jaramillo, Agricultural Engineer, is doing her PhD at the Cinara Institute-University of Valle, Colombia. During the period from September to December of 2018 she has been doing an internship in the Reclaimed Water Reuse Group at IMDEA Water.


1. What does your research job consist of?

My research is based on the development of a municipal wastewater management model in agriculture of the Colombian Andean Region. Search tools for decision making are necessary due to the low percentage of wastewater treatment in Colombia and inappropriate use of wastewater for irrigation. Through my research I am trying to develop a conceptual tool capable of minimizing the risk of using this resource.

2. 2. Why did you choose IMDEA Water for an internship?

I chose IMDEA Water due to its recognition in the development of international projects related to wastewater management and especially in wastewater reuse in agriculture. In addition, IMDEA Water has a strategic partner network and alliances such as public service providers, several high-prestige universities and a highly-skilled professional team. In fact, my university is part of that network through a collaboration agreement that will be renewed in 2019.

3. How this internship helps you to advance in your research?

Appart from using the materials and equipment (computers, GIS software…), this research stay allowed me study the second module of M.Sc degree in Hydrology and Water Resources Management at Alcala and Rey Juan Carlos Universities. The experience has been wonderful, and it gave me the possibility of reinforce and learn new knowledge very useful in my research. This stay has contributed to the development of my conceptual model using a  review of European projects on wastewater reuse. My job has been revised by Dr. Irene de Bustamante, expert in the field of reuse of reclaimed water for irrigation and aquifers recharge. Her critical contribution has enabled me to advance in my research.​

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