Title: Quantification of micronanoplastics in reclaimed water and agricultural ecosystems. Environmental risk assessment

Duration: 2020 - 2023

Research groups: Membrane technology



  1. To develop an effective and innovative sampling and analytical methodology to quantify micro-nanoplastics (MNPs).
  2. To identify eco-efficient wastewater treatments capable to minimize their discharge.
  3. To assess their exposure and associated ecotoxicological risks.

General activities

  1. State of the art of MNPs quantification techniques and their limitations.
  2. Method development of MNP separation and analysis.
  3. Presence of MNPs and degradation study during wastewater treatment
  4. MNP fate, toxicity and environmental risk
  5. Study of wastewater treatment feasibility to remove MNPs

Expected results

  1. An analytical method to quantify MNPs based on TDS-GC/MS
  2. A separation system of MNPs during sampling using membrane technology
  3. A comparison of different tertiary treatments to remove MNPs including their ecoefficiencies
  4. An environmental risk assessment of MNP in agricultural systems.


Grant RTC2019-007261-5 funded by: