Title: Hybrid wastewater treatments based on recycled membranes with the objective of zero liquid discharge (ZLD)

Duration: 2019 - 2022

Research groups: Membrane technology



The main objective of INREMEM 2.0 is the recovery of valuable compounds such as water, nutrients (phosphates or nitrates) and other salts (NaCl), from wastewater with high salinity content, using hybrid systems based on recycled membranes coming from discarded RO membranes.

General activities

INREMEM 2.0 proposes the combination of different hybrid systems based on recycled membranes (Membrane Bioreactor, Nanofiltration, Membrane Distillation and Electrodialysis) with the aim of treating wastewaters with high salinity content. In addition, the project will perform the Life Cycle Assessment and the Life Cycle Costing of the proposed hybrid systems.

Expected results

INREMEM 2.0 will obtain high quality water fit for crop irrigation and valuable compounds from high salinity wastewaters. In this sense, INREMEM 2.0 promotes the movement of membrane technology and wastewater treatments towards the concept of zero liquid discharge (ZLD) and circular economy.


Grant RTI2018-096042-B-C21 funded by: