Title: Immobilized laccases for the Degradation of Aromatic Compounds in Wastewater

Duration: 2018 -2022

Research groups: Membrane technology



The network is composed by 15 research groups 7 Ibero-American countries. The main objective of LIDA network is to develop sustainable strategies based on immobilized novel laccase enzymes for the degradation of phenolic and aromatic compounds from different industrial wastewaters.

General activities

The network organizes different dissemination and training activities and promotes the exchange of professors and PhD students between the research groups participating in the project. LIDA networks looks for new funding opportunities to carry out research projects.

Expected results

The network will boost the cooperation between research institutes and industries, creating new consortiums, research projects and promoting the scaling up of sustainable enzymatic systems for water treatment.


Grant 318RT0552 funded by: