Title: Preparation of H2020 project: Life Cycle Thinking for Membrane Technology

Duration: 2019 - 2022

Research groups: Membrane technology



The main objective of MEMCYCLE is to contribute in changing the actual economic model towards a circular economy model by creating a missing link of membrane waste management focused on end-of-life membrane sorting, disassembly/separation, recycling and re-introduction of the recycled material into the market.

General activities

MEMCYCLE will allow the meeting of different stakeholders, from producers to endusers with the advice of an interdisciplinary panel of experts. These alliances will also be a motivation for posterior collaborations, research actions and synergies that can be extrapolated to other fields or technologies valuable in the circular economy transition within the water sector.

Expected results

MEMCYCLE will provide important social and environmental benefits. It will increase the sustainability of water treatments based on membranes, improving their durability and it will reduce the environmental costs associated with this technology reducing wastes.


Grant EIN2019-103318 funded by: