A new patent to purify wastewater has been granted

Published On: July 15, 2016

The patented solution consists of a new cathode design that optimizes performance of bioelectrochemical system and is, simultaneously, economically workable and lasting.

The system, designed by researchers at IMDEA Water, CENTA Foundation and the company Joca, project partners, is based on a new type of electrode application in microbial electrogenic reactors. The device consists of a set of electrically conductive spheres that, by maintaining floating and continuous contact with each other, allow the flow of current efficiently inert spheres.

This network of conductive spheres in contact with air favours the oxygen reduction reactions in the cathode chamber of the reactor, avoiding the classic limitations of such devices. This electrode increases the ability of microorganisms to oxidize organic matter, minimizing the use of oxygen in the process and saving costs.


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