OpenDOAR, OpenAIRE and RECOLECTA validate and include the IMDEA Water institutional repository “Eprints”

Published On: September 9, 2020

"Eprints" has recently been accepted in three directories that belong to the "Open Access Movement"

Eprints”, the institutional repository of publications of the IMDEA Water Institute, has recently been validated and accepted in three important directories that are part of the so-called “Open Access Movement”, an initiative aimed at facilitating universal access to scientific literature and which certifies that IMDEA Water’s Eprint complies with the established standards:

  • ​OpenDOAR (Directory of Open Access Repositories): is a website based in the United Kingdom (managed by the University of Nottingham) that lists open access repositories since 2005, currently 5,390. Each repository that is hosted in the directory is previously analysed by a team of specialists responsible for the project, who rigorously and manually evaluate the quality of the information it contains. IMDEA Water’s Eprints on OpenDOAR.
  • OpenAIRE: it is a technological and services infrastructure created in 2009 (within the 7th Framework Program) to support, accelerate and measure the correct implementation of European policies for open access to scientific publications and research data. The OpenAIRE technical infrastructure collects information from different types of data sources, including metadata from scientific literature and full texts from institutional and subject repositories, open access journals, and publishers in accordance with the OpenAIRE's content acquisition policy. In relation to repositories, OpenAIRE uses from the OpenDOAR directory. It has several types of repositories, including institutional ones (977 currently). IMDEA Water eprints in OpenAIRE.

Eprints IMDEA Agua

With the inclusion of the IMDEA Agua repository in OpenDOAR, OpenAIRE and RECOLECTA, the Institute intends to disseminate the research results more widely, while complying with the regulations on providing open access to research results, and comply with the principles of the Seal of Excellence in Human Resources Management in research.

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