Carla Morales Pujante

Carla Morales Pujante

Predoctoral researcher


Study of the interaction between water bodies and pollinators.

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IMDEA Water. Avenida Punto Com, 2. Alcalá de Henares. 28805 MADRID


Graduated in Marine Sciences from the University of Alicante (2021) and holding a Master’s degree in Environmental Contamination, Toxicology, and Health from the University of Valencia (2023). Her undergraduate research focused on environmental impacts on the water mass of “l’Albufera de València”, titled: “Environmental Impacts Review in l’Albufera De Valencia Derived from Intensive Agriculture and Urban Development”.

Later, she ventured into the professional field as a scientific sampler, exploring water quality and shifting from saltwater to freshwater as her subject of study. This experience propelled her to delve deeper into the field of pollution, leading her to pursue master’s studies.

Her master’s thesis, titled “Molecular Approach to the Identification and Quantification of Microorganism Biodiversity Associated with Autotrophic Carbon Fixation in Mediterranean Wetlands”, was conducted at the Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology (ICBIBE), in the Limnology group.

Currently, she works at IMDEA Agua, integrating the Aquatic Ecology and Biotechnology group. Her focus is on studying the interaction between water masses and pollinators. Under the guidance of Dr. Pablo Urrutia Cordero and Dr. Mª Ángeles Lezcano Vega, she holds the position of predoctoral researcher thanks to the Grant 2022-T1/AMB-24063 funded by the Community of Madrid.