Rieckhof, Cynthia

Cynthia Rieckhof Rivas

Predoctoral researcher


PAPILLONS: Plastic in agricultural production: impacts, lifecycles and long-term sustainability

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IMDEA Water. Avenida Punto Com, 2. Parque CientĂ­fico TecnolĂłgico de la Universidad de AlcalĂĄ. AlcalĂĄ de Henares. 28805 MADRID



She graduated in Geological Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid (2017). She received her Master’s Degree in Geology and Environmental Management of Mineral Resources from the University of Huelva (2018).

She completed an internship as an outreach fellow at IGME (2017) and a master’s internship as a geologist at Riotinto Project – Atalaya Mining (2018). In 2019, she collaborated as a geologist in the project ‘Hydrogeological research in the environment of SigĂŒenza (Guadalajara) of the University of AlcalĂĄ (Madrid)’.

She worked for two years as a research assistant at the Physico-Chemistry of Actinides and Fission Products unit at CIEMAT, focusing on the physicochemical and rheological study of clay suspensions in the framework of deep geological disposal of high-level radioactive waste.

She currently works at IMDEA Water as a predoctoral researcher on the PAPILLONS Project ‘Plastic in Agricultural Production: Impacts, Lifecycles and LONg-term Sustainability’. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101000210.