Publication of a new applied geomatics manual

Published On: February 9, 2022

Analysis of inland water quality parameters related to cyanobacterial blooms

The eighth manual of applied geomatics is now available to download "Procedures for the analysis of inland water quality parameters related to cyanobacterial blooms."

Algae and cyanobacteria are naturally present in low to moderate concentrations in surface waters. However, their massive growth due to the release and accumulation of nutrients (eutrophication) from urban, agricultural, and industrial development leads to the appearance of Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs), with adverse effects on human health and ecosystems.

To manage water resources and detect and control these phenomena, it is essential to monitor the quality of water bodies. Monitoring programmes use satellite images and high-frequency automatic monitoring systems. In recent years, these systems have increased the frequency of measurements and the number of variables they study. Currently available sensors can detect multiple parameters related to the growth and distribution of algae and cyanobacteria: photosynthetic pigments, turbidity, nutrients, pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, salinity, solar irradiance, wind speed and direction, precipitation, etc.

This manual gathers knowledge acquired during the CianoMOD project, developed in two Spanish water bodies with different characteristics: the As Conchas freshwater reservoir (Galicia) and the transitional coastal lagoon of L'Albufera (Valencia). This project developed an innovative methodology that allows public and private organizations to monitor HAB development autonomously and in real-time, combining wireless sensor networks and remote sensing technologies. The massive collection of data (Big Data) will allow the development of statistical models to analyze the vulnerability of environments and inform about the presence of blooms.

Geomatics-Water is a joint initiative between the Geomatics Unit of IMDEA Water and the Center for Landscape Knowledge, offering a tool for disseminating and analyzing geomatics techniques in the field of hydrology.

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